AEP Program

Accredited Estate Planner® Designation / Council Nomination Program

Here is the process to make application for the Council Nomination Program for AEP designation:

  • Go to and print the application kit. Complete, sign and date. (click here for application form)
  • Provide eligibility documents requested by NAEPC with your application.
  • Write your check for the application fee and your dues to be submitted with your application.
  • Provide a copy of signed application and Code of Ethics attestation form to the AEP Committee Chair, Lee M. Gatta at Prudential, 5786 Widewaters Parkway Ste 200, Dewitt NY 13214 or via email to: This step is necessary to allow the Exec Board member to sign your request and verify your "good standing" status with EPCCNY which is forwarded to NAEPC to inform them the applicant is applying through the Council Nomination Program.
  • Once you receive notice from EPCCNY Board of your " member in good standing" status, please submit your entire application and check to NAEPC at the address provided. Allow 3-4 weeks for process completion and letter of decision. 

PLEASE LET THE AEP CHAIR know when you receive approval from NAEPC so we may welcome you and recognize you at our meetings.  

Learn more about the AEP Designation here!